Monday, August 27, 2007

Pain and Agony.

Or how I got my ass kicked by Legion.

To be fair, our Press Ganger is probably the best player we have around. However, there were some things I did that I admittedly could have done better. He was running Saeryn, who's a damn beast of a warlock. I'm not even kidding here, its so ridiculous. He was also running two Nephilim Soldiers, who are pretty reliable warbeasts, and an Angelius from Evolution. I got to play my Ferox for the first time, and I used them exactly how I said I wasn't going to: as skimishers all by themselves.

The enevitable happened. They got chewed up by the Swordsmen and a Soldier, and that was curtains for them and half my Praetorians. The other half got killed by Blightchoke or whatever that AOE she does is called, and from there on it was just curtains.

Lessons learned:

1) I should have used my Ferox more wisely. As it stands now they got chewed up by a basic infantry unit. I was too eager to Spring around the board, when it would have been better for me to run them the other way and tackle his Blighted Ogrun.

2) I think I took too many warbeasts with Makeda. Probably should have dropped something like the Brute and added in some Venators. I'm actually thinking of buying more Cetrati.

3) I didn't control the flow of the game, though his abilities were better suited to it. What I should have done after he threw half his army at my Ferox was run the fuck away and then charged everything I had into his backside, with the Cetrati leading the way.

I won't be back until next week (to the game store, that is), so that gives me time to refine my strat in my head and prepare to play him again. We're talking about a 1K game next time that we both come in early for. I'm going to be running Makeda and Xerxes, and he wants to run the twins.

This should be interesting.

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